Tumut's Festival of the Falling Leaf

2015 Festival of the Falling Leaf

Check back here soon for news on the 2015 festival program!

Open casting call this Saturday

27 Jan 2015 3:05 PM - First open casting call for festival theatre productions
Acting enthusiasts are encouraged to come along to the Montreal Theatre this Saturday 31 January 2015 between 1pm and 5pm to audition for the festivals "Waiting for the Rising Sun' theatre production.

Interested persons can download a script here.

More information can be obtained by contacting Craig by email at craigpalmer2720@gmail.com.

Major changes for 2015 festival

20 Jan 2015 4:46 PM - New focus for festival

Tumut’s Festival of the Falling Leaf will take on a new look for 2015 after a critical examination of the program by its small volunteer committee tonight.

For the 2015 festival, the six committee members will team up to work on delivering an expanded Rock the Turf music festival on Saturday 11 April along with the Anzac inspired original piece of theatre, “Waiting for the Rising Sun” production on the 23rd and 24th April and 1st May.


“Over the past 60 years, the Festival of the Falling Leaf has continued to evolve in response to the changing community and volunteer base,” said Chairperson, Mr Bob Stewart.


“This is the next phase of that evolution. The committee remains committed to delivering high quality family events for the Tumut community, this year with a strong focus on performance and sustainability,” he said.


“Unfortunately, the sheer scale of the Gala Day in the park, Street Parade, Gala Ball  and the other more recent events, MotoFest and Evening activities at the Bull Paddock, require a significantly larger pool of community volunteers than we currently have offering to help,” said Mr Stewart.


“The committee felt that it was important to rationalise the workload in order to encourage more people to get involved. This year, the committee has chosen to work together to deliver two quality events that will hopefully stir people’s enthusiasm and energise the community,” he said.

Read the full media release here. Contact us for more information.

Falling Leaf Theatre Production Now Casting!

5 Jan 2015 4:19 PM - Expressions of interest are being taken from the Shire's budding actors
The 2015 Festival of the Falling Leaf's original piece of theatre "Waiting for the Rising Sun", is now seeking expressions of interest from people wishing to be involved as cast members.

Interested? Click here for more information or contact us with your details.

Major sponsors on board for revitalised festival

20 Jan 2015 6:13 PM - Major sponsors have confirmed ongoing commitment
The Festival of the Falling Leaf's major sponsors Snowy Hydro, Snowy Works and Services, Coles, McDonalds and Visy have this afternoon confirmed their ongoing support of the revamped 2015 festival program.

Sponsorship coordinator Andrew James has made contact with all of the festival's long standing major sponsors to talk them through the new approach to the 2015 personally.

The work has paid off, with all five major sponsors verbally committing their ongoing financial support for 2015.

"It's a very positive outcome," said Chairperson Mr Bob Stewart. 

"Maintaining our excellent working relationship with our major sponsors is absolutely vital to the festival, regardless of what form the festival program may take. 

"Our volunteer sponsors coordinator Andrew James has done a great job," he said.