Ken Warby and son David are heading to Tumut

23 Apr 2017 2:57 PM -

World water speed record holder Ken Warby and son David are heading to Tumut.

Get up close and personal with the World Unlimited Water Speed Record Champion Ken and his son, David on Festival Day. 

Hosted by Tumut’s Rotary Club, Ken and David will ride Rowan Bieske’s Triumph Stag in the Coles Street Parade and then be available to sign autographs and talk all things water racing at Rotary’s stand near Tumut Valley Appliances.

Hear first-hand about that amazing day back in 1978 when Ken beat his own record and set a new unbeaten one of 511.11kph, and find out how David is preparing to best his dad's record speed later this year.

You will also be able to watch the DVD of Ken’s record breaking races and who knows, David might even bring his new boat! 

Ken and David are looking forward very much to spending the weekend in Tumut and we are looking forward to seeing them both.