Date: ​29th April 2017
Venue: ​Retail area Wynyard St, Tumut NSW


Stallholders are required to operate throughout the entire festival day.

The hours of operation are: 9am – 3pm


Load In: Saturday 29 April – 6am – 8am

Load Out: Saturday 29 April – 3:30pm – 4:30pm

There will be no vehicle movement in the festival venue between 8am and 3.30pm


Once in the festival area, vehicles that are not part of your stall must unload and vacate as soon as possible and obey instructions given by the festival staff.  Suitable stallholder parking areas will be recommended.

No stallholder vehicles will be permitted in the festival area after 8:00 am Saturday morning


Stallholders must be prepared   and equipped to trade in all weather conditions – the event will not be cancelled due to mild inclement weather such as rain showers.

Please note – stallholders are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate protection for their goods, including foods, from the weather extremes. This includes sun exposure. It is important that you have appropriate weather contingency plans (heat, cold and rain) for your stall and your stock.

The event may, however, be cancelled due to extreme weather or natural disaster, in which case, stallholders will be entitled to a full refund. If there is a cancellation, stallholders will be notified in the first instance by a SMS message sent to your mobile numbers listed on your application form.


Every stall will undertake a safety risk assessment prior to trading by a festival or Council representative.  Stallholders are expected to ensure that their stall meets the required safety standards or you may not be permitted to trade. 


Stallholders are responsible for keeping their stall sites and the immediate surrounds (front, rear and sides) tidy and clear of rubbish. Stallholders are required to leave their allocated site in the same condition in which it was found. Breaches of this condition will result in penalty fees for rubbish     clearing and denial     of     future stallholder applications.

The distribution of handouts and brochures is allowed from within the stallholder’s sites only.


It is of the utmost importance that every effort is made to create a colourful and festive atmosphere. Stallholders are encouraged to present their stalls in an appealing and imaginative manner to attract festival patrons. No sale, marketing or sampling of product or food away from your stall is permitted.


The festival street event is not a licensed event. The sale of alcohol at our festival is restricted to appropriately sized ‘tastings’ and take-home packs (unrefrigerated). The Festival of the Falling Leaf permits alcohol stalls under the ‘Produce Market’ category of the NSW Liquor legislation.

If you are an alcohol stall, you must not, under any circumstances, sell alcoholic beverages for consumption at the festival. Stallholders selling alcohol are required to submit copies of the Certificates for the Responsible Service of Alcohol for those persons operating the stall and copies of any appropriate licenses held.


The following items are prohibited: ● ​ Pornographic material of all form ​ ● Items that infringe third party intellectual rights (copyright/trademarks) ● ​ Weapons (real or replica) ● ​ Dangerous or illegal substances ​  ● Fireworks ● ​ Second hand items ● ​ Raffle tickets of any type


1. Any event cancellations due to extreme weather will be notified by SMS or email to the mobile phone number or email address listed on the stallholders form.

2. The festival will not be held responsible for loss or lack of income generated on the weekend, or if any presumed expectations are not met. 

3. Stallholders will be held responsible and liable for damage to the festival area caused by them.

4. All Council regulations and requirements must be adhered to.

5. Stallholders at the festival are required to conduct themselves in a manner suitable to a family event.

6. Offensive language will not be tolerated.

7. Stallholders are required to cooperate with the festival organisers and other stallholders.

8. Late requests for power, additional space or relocation will be refused.

9. Stallholders are only permitted to sell those items that they specifically listed in their application.


Stallholders agree to indemnify Tumut Shire Council and the festival committee against all liability, claims, demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings and all associated actions.